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- Caroline UK.
Did I ever say how brilliantly illuminating I found your book. It is so gripping and full of ‘yes’ moments! And apart from those eureka moments, what is great is that I found your writing putting into words understanding about this Buddhism that I already ‘ know’ but find hard to articulate, even to myself. Thank you so much.

- Megan USA
I bought another copy of The Reluctant Buddhist as a Christmas gift for my father. It describes Nichiren Buddhism so clearly, and for the first time I feel as if I have an accessible way of sharing my practice with my father. This is huge for me. Please pass this on to the author if at all possible. I would love him to know what a treasure his book is.

- Yoichi Japan
I would just like to pass this on to you. A member came to chant with me yesterday. He was saying that he bought your book and inspired very much by. He showed great respect to you and your book.’

- David UK
A very brief note to thank you for your wonderful book, The Reluctant Buddhist. It is inspiring, informative, and so readable.’

- Eddie UK
I would thank you if you will come to my domicile and take your book away from my wife. She has her nose in it all day. Morning till night. And it’s ooh look at this, and ooh look at this . No kiddin! But really William, Barbara is so enthusiastic about your book.

- Karen UK
It’s a great book. Stephen and I both have our copies and we read it together and then chat about the content. I have passed it on to a couple of friends and they are wrapped up in it.

- Giovanna UK
I gave your book to a friend of mine in the office and she is delighted. She is up to Chapter 13 and she says it has changed her life.

- Barbara. UK
Thank you so much for your wonderful book.

- Megan Bigelow USA
I’m halfway through your book and it’s wonderful. A total benefit. I’m an SGI Buddhist in San Francisco. Practised for 11 years. Struggle with consistency and resistance though. Your book is just what I needed. I’m recommending it to everyone. Thank you.

- Barry UK
I so enjoyed your book. Very direct, and full of fairness. It will be a beacon for many I’m sure. You have done so much good.

- Candace USA
I look forward to reading The Reluctant Buddhist. The Chapter read on the podcast was completely inspiring.  

-  Donna USA
This book is now on my must read list. I’m captivated. Thank you William for having the courage to bring us into your inner life.  

-  Deborah. Amsterdam
I want to thank William Woollard for his enormous generosity in reading the chapters of his book on      The Buddhist Podcast. I hope it eventually gets translated into many languages….( writer’s note.        The Reluctant Buddhist has been translated into Italian and is currently being translated into              Spanish)

-  Kathleen. New York
Just trying to find something decent to listen to on my long subway ride to work each day. I started listening to The Reluctant Buddhist and now I have downloaded all your episodes.

-  David. UK
Mancroft MD Richard Jackson has added The Reluctant Buddhist to the recommended reading list given to all delegates attending his winning edge personal development training programme.

     - Marlena. Los Angeles, CA USA
    Thank you for taking the time to write this book. It is beyond amazing! You have put this practice into words that make it all understood in a way that I have been trying to find for years. There are not enough words available to say how much I appreciate what you have written! I have told many senior leaders here in Los Angeles that I believe your book should be read by every member of the SGI-USA, and "required reading" For all new members. It will definitely start anyone on the road to a consistent practice right from the start!