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A note on the author

Producer, director, writer, presenter, William Woollard’s career covers the entire spectrum of television production, but he has experienced several other careers in an eventful life. Oxford graduate. A fighter pilot with the RAF.  A trouble shooter for an oil company in the jungles of Borneo and the deserts of Oman. A social scientist working on corporate social responsibilities with major international organisations in Europe and the USA. Finally, an award-winning  television  presenter and writer, producing documentary programmes for many of the world’s foremost networks in Europe and America.

Much travelled. Twice married. Four children. A life  time interest in comparative religion among many other things. He writes, “ I came to Buddhism with the deepest scepticism about its appropriateness or relevance in a modern western environment. I am wholly convinced of its profound value to any life, anywhere. I see that initial scepticism as perhaps my primary qualification for writing this book.”